Jennifer Siebel Newsom's The Mask You Live In Movie Screening

Jack Calhoun John Grotts, Lisa Grotts & Riccardo Benavides Michel Khairallah & Jerome Molles Natalia Urrutia & Aubrey Brewster Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Joy Venturini Bianchi, Ken McNeely & Mark Rhoades Castro Marquee James Chambers, Jacob Cross, Brent Tippen & Eric Barth Mary Beth Shimmon, Riccardo Benavides & Brenda Zarate Mindy Ross & Nicki Bonfilio Castro Theatre Host Mark Rhoades.jpg Joy Bianchi & Jennifer Siebel Newsom George Gascon, Fabiola Kramsky, Jennifer Newson & Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsom & Mark Rhoades Gregg Lynn, Scott Wiener & Glenn Rizzo Mark Harris Mark Bowen & Michael Gregg Claudia Ross, Nate Johnson, Tiffany Cummins & Jake Wall Jennifer Newsom & Mark Rhoades Gavin Newsom & Jennifer Siebel Newsom


"Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for your beautiful words of support and friendship last night. We couldn't have done any of it with out you — you did an exceptional job.

Thank you again.

In gratitude,

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